Going Underground

Going Underground is not to be missed, it’s an adventure of a lifetime and includes sections of Walking Dordogne’s Ode to the Neanderthal and /or In the footsteps of the Mammoth .

Going Underground is a “High Cave” that takes a bit of climbing to reach the entrance, once at the entrance of the cave, there is another cave that after a 5 minute crawl leads to a whole network of underground trails and caverns.


Going Underground History



This network of underground trails and caverns have been extensively used throughout history, dating back to the time our Neanderthal relatives became prominent in the Vezere Valley.

During the turmoils of the Middle Ages, the caves of the Vezere Valley became a refuge for farmers and families living along the banks of the Vezere River, against invaders coming up the river. Numerous caves were turned into strongholds, where families and livestock would hunker down for sometimes weeks at a time until the invaders moved on.

During World War 2 this underground network became a very important infrastructure for the French Resistance.

The Dordogne French Resistance became a huge problem for the Germans, so much so, that Hitler ordered the quaint “Rouffignac” to be “leveled” – The Germans bombed Rouffignac and where convinced the Resistance was hiding out in the famous Cave of Rouffignac which offers miles and miles of tunnels. This was exactly what the French Resistance wanted, while the Germans spent their time in the Cave of Rouffignac the Resistance were safe in the “Going Underground” network of tunnels.



Although there are probably miles of tunnels, Going Underground only takes you on a very very small section.


Going Underground is definitely not suited for everyone




Going Underground is an exclusive adventure offered only by Walking Dordogne.

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I was exploring before I was walking. I am happiest doing anything outdoors, but hiking off the beaten tracks is my favorite past time. The Vezere Valley is a very special place, and everyday is an exploration...